Work packages

WP 1

Preparation - "Scope Analysis and State-of-the-Art in partner countries (Chile, Colombia, Peru)" (Leads: ASCUN)

1.1 State of play on Research Institutional Management

1.2 Field visits to Partner Universities

1.3 Report on Research Management Landscape

1.4 Roundtable on Research Management Models

WP 2

Preparation - European state of the art in Research Management (Leads: OBREAL)

2.1 Focus group on Comparative European and South American Research Models

WP 3

Development - Developing and piloting a Research Management Model (Leads: CRUCH)

3.1 Research Management Model for the South American Partner Countries

3.2 Adapted Research management model in each Partner Country

3.3 Roundtable: Commitment of Senior Management

3.4 Piloting the model

WP 4

Development - Training of human Resources and Capacity Building for Research Management (Leads: CONCYTEC)

4.1 Training in ICT and Management of Research Platform Management

4.2 Training in Knowledge Transfer

4.3 Training on Research Management and Institutional Governance

WP 5

Quality – Project Monitoring and Evaluation (Leads: ANECA)

5.1 Quality Committee

5.2 External Evaluation

5.3 Evaluation and Monitoring Plan / Monitoring Meeting in Chile

WP 6

Dissemination and Exploitation - Project Dissemination Plan (Leads: OBREAL)

6.1 Dissemination and Sustainability Committee

6.2 Dissemination Plan and Sustainability Strategy

6.3 Project Website and Intranet

WP 7

Management - Project Management (Lead: ASCUN)

7.2 PMT Project Management Team

7.3 Financial and Administrative Management

7.4 Preparation of Intermediate and Final Reports