Proyecto Mimir Andino

The MIMIR Andino project began this year in Colombia. In the first months, reports were made from the national level and from partner universities to characterize the management of research and innovation by identifying their current situation in Colombia.

As a step forward, a visit was made from June 17 to 20 by two international experts, Carlos Scheel from Tecnológico de Monterey, Mexico and Fabrizio Martire from Uniroma, Italy. Over the course of the week and every day they worked on specific topics related to research and innovation management.

During the visit, the learning was also emphasized, the experts shared experiences and suggestions, and in addition, proposals were presented for the models of research and innovation management that are to be built with the project.

As a next step we will have a similar experience during the week of June 24 to 28 in Chile, in July it will be held in Peru and after that there will be a meeting in Barcelona. The results of the characterizations and the work of the European and Latin American partners will define the route to follow in the second half of the year.

In general, the institutions valued the learning obtained during the visit and have very good expectations of what this project can contribute.