Description of the Project

MIMIR ANDINO (Modernization of Institutional Management of Innovation and Research in the Andean region and Latin America), is a project co-funded by the European Commission, within the framework of the Erasmus + CBHE program (capacity development in the field of higher education by its acronym in English). With a duration of 3 years, the Mimir Andino project is designed primarily to help and encourage partner universities in South American (and specifically Andean) countries to better understand the status quo of their research management approaches, from performance and Evaluation up management structures and effectiveness.

The project will provide them with a research management model that will help them achieve their research and innovation objectives with respect to national and regional development. The model will be specific and take into account European practices: the environment and existing research activities will be mapped, as well as policy contexts and investments before the model is developed. The realization of this effort in partnership with EU universities will help the South American partners to identify areas of change, improvement objectives and a trajectory to excel.

Consequently, the partner universities will learn about the organization and management of innovation and research in European universities, they will understand their current models, principles and standards. The transfer of knowledge will also be internal among the South American partners, who share common geographical, economic and scientific interests and are eager to deepen their cooperation and regional integration in higher education and research. The project will allow them to buy important infrastructure to help manage the research and also provide a structured and monitored means to test some aspects of the model.