CALL TO PROPOSAL I2LATAM-MIMIR Andino Dialogues: Trends and Best Practices of Research and Innovation Management from Europe and Latin America

With the aim of contributing to the construction of an interregional dialogue, the Erasmus + I2LATAM and Erasmus + MIMIR-Andino projects extend an invitation to the consortium to share your experiences and knowledge regarding trends and best practices in the management of research and innovation in Europe and Latin America, through sessions that will be directed to vice-rectors, directors, and managers of research and innovation who are interested in the proposed themes.
Proposals will be received until July 3th, 2020, to present success stories, good practices or trends at the institutional, local, national, or regional level in one or more of the following approaches:

  1. Research and Innovation Management: Lessons Learned in a Time of Crisis
  2. Research, Innovation and the Creation of Shared Value:

a. Current approaches: Smart Specialisation, mission-oriented research
b. A Social Outreach approach of Research and Innovation
c. Research and SDGs
d. Responsible Research and Innovation

3. Strategic Leadership in Research and Innovation:

a. National policies and strategies to promote R&I.
b. Regional policies and strategies to promote R&I.
c. Institutional policies and strategies to promote R&I.

4. Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship:

a. Regulatory frameworks for its support and promotion
b. Horizon scanning and analysis of techno-scientific trends
c. Social innovation
d. Support for entrepreneurial activities and spin-offs

5. Intersectoral Relations in R&I processes:

a. Inter-, multi-, transdisciplinarity
b. Doing research with and for the industrial sector
c. Doing research with and for the public sector
d. Doing research with and for society – Citizen science

6. Follow up and Evaluation of R&I impact at universities:

a. Advantages and disadvantages of bibliometrics
b. Qualitative and quantitative approaches
c. Measuring the impact of basic science research
d. Measuring the impact of social science research

7. Human Capital for R&I

a. Profile of a Research and Innovation Manager
b. Research and Innovation teams in companies
c. Research and Innovation teams in the public sector
d. PhD training and its incidence in Research and Innovation processes in their institutions

8. Communication and visibility of Research and Innovation

a. Social ownership
b. Science Communication

9. Internationalisation of Research

a. Strengthening scientific networks
b. Internationalisation indicators
c. Management of international resources / Funding
d. Scientific diplomacy
e. Harnessing the Scientific Diaspora
f. Global vs Local research?
g. Internationalisation strategies of doctoral programs

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