In order to modernise the management of research and innovation in Latin America, the Colombian Association of Universities is visited by international experts who are part of the MIMIR Andino project, an Erasmus + project coordinated by Ascún.

The visit has two international experts, Carlos Scheel from the Tecnológico de Monterey, Mexico and Fabrizio Martire from Uniroma, Italy, during the week and together with the partner institutions such as the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia, U. Antonio Nariño, U. Manizales and The Colombian Association of Faculties of Medicine (ASCOFAME) is advancing daily on research topics, innovation to modernize this management in Latin America.

A series of activities aimed at analyzing this management are scheduled, on Monday, a review was scheduled with Colciencias and the Ministry of National Education to reflect on the National scope of Colombia, to know the progress that the country generates in these issues and to leave a balance by way of conclusion.

On Tuesday, principals of the partner universities (UPTC, U. Manizales, UAM) and the director of education and research of ASCOFAME reviewed case studies within the universities, showed the advances in innovation and research in the areas of university and reflections were left that will contribute to the development of these activities in the different institutions.